Nuc & Mating Hives

Polystyrene Langstroth Nuc Hive
Polystyrene Langstroth Nuc Hive. Holds 6 frames
Spare Entrance Disc
A simple solution for adjusting the entrance to your hives
Spare Crownboard for Poly Nuc Hive
Spare crownboard for our Poly Nuc hives
Apidea Mating hive
For easier trouble-free queen rearing.
Apidea Mating hive Feeder
Fits on top of the mini nuc allowing for up to 1.2 kg. of candy.
Brood box for Poly Nuc
An extension for the poly nuc hive.
Correx Package Box
An easy solution for package bees
Poly Nuc Excluder
Plastic Excluder for use with the poly nuc hives.
Polystyrene Repair Fill
Quick and easy fill to repair polystyrene hive.
Spare Apidea Frames (each)
frame for the Apidea mating hive
Super for Apidea
Super for Apidea
Super for Poly Nuc Hive
An extension for the poly nuc hive
Swi-Bine Mini Mating Hive
Polystyrene Mating hive, complete with 3 frames.
Top Style Feeder for Poly Nuc
A top style feeder for the poly nuc.
Travelling Screen for Poly Nuc Hive
Give your bees additional ventilation for travelling in the poly nuc hives.
Poly Eke for Poly Nuc Hive
Convert our poly nuc hive into a 14x12 nuc hive, or give your poly nuc space...
Poly Nuc Hive WITH 14x12 Jumbo Eke
Our Polystryene Nuc Hive with 14x12 eke to take the jumbo frames for National...
Painted Poly Nuc Hive (ready to use)
6 frame Polystyrene Nucleus Hive with built in feeder, painted and ready to use.
Poly Nuc Hive
6 frame Polystyrene Nucleus Hive with built in feeder.