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Our new polystyrene Nucleus Hive holds 6 BS brood frames, for National and WBC hives, and comes complete with a built in Feeder. It has an open mesh floor to help with varroa control and to help with ventilation during transit. Comes with 4 feet to keep the hive off the ground, wooden float for the feeder, a disc entrance for easier control of the entrance and a clear coverboard for easy viewing without completely opening up the hive.
Polystyrene is a great material for beehives:
Its made from a very high density material, 100g/litre - upto 3 times stronger than the material used for packaging.
Its lightweight and durable.
Its insulation properties also makes it especially suitable for nucs and small colonies as fewer bees are required to maintain the heat required for effective brood rearing.
Comes in a Light Green colour. (Does not include frames)

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Reviewed by Rustyrick
Rustyrick bought "Poly Nuc Hive" on our website
08/01/2014 - 08:14:14 PM
Poly Nuc Hives
Just received two of these today, Very impressed with the build quality also the strength of the Polystyrene, they look smart as standard (light green), just need the days to get warmer and longer so that I can get some life in them.

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