Bee Quick (200ml)


Price: £20.40


Does your fume board repel YOU more than your it repels your bees?
Are your bees more aggressive when blown at 100 mph by leaf blowers?
Are you tired of jamming or useless bee-escapes?
Are you terrorizing and killing bees trying to shake and brush them?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above questions, then you should try Fischer's Bee-Quick. No bees are harmed No foul odor – smells nice! No hive chaos - no “clouds of bees” No noisy machines to lug around or break Fischer's Bee-Quick is a way to herd your bees away from honey to be harvested. It is used with a fume board or a breeze board. When exposed to air, the non-toxic liquid turns to a non-toxic vapor that smells good to you, but irritates bees. Bees move away from the fumes, and out of the topmost super directly under the fume board.

A non-toxic blend of natural oils and herb extracts for clearing bees quickly from supers. Using fume pads or a fume board spray Bee Quick evenly in a zig zag pattern onto the absorbent surface ensuring the liquid reaches the edges. Instructions for use: Remove all hive parts until you reach the honey supers. Place the soaked pads on top of the frames. Supers should be cleared in 2-5 minutes. Repeat as required. Best results will be obtained on a warm day when the vapours will evaporate more quickly.

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