Venus Honey Heater


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Bee keepers have traditionally used heating agents such as light bulbs to melt the collected honey so that it can be poured into suitable jars. This is a slow, inconsistent and potentially an expensive method which can spoil the quality of the honey by overheating it. Futhermore it is also not practical where there are a large numbers of bee hives. In most parts of Europe the use of light bulbs for this purpose is forbidden. It is not unusual under this system to create caramalisation i.e. burnt or over cooked honey. The Venus unit, on the other hand enables controlled warming of the bulk honey whilst helping to preserve the quality and integrity of the finished product, using precise temperature control. The Venus is enclosed in a polystyrene container that provides insulation, thus ensuring a constant temperature and energy efficiency as a stable temperature is able to be maintained. Just use our standard poly hive components on top to build the honey heater up.

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