National Hive

We offer 2 types of National Hive - Cedar wood & Softwood.
Softwood, although more likely to warp or split after time, is a great deal cheaper and if coated with Cuprinol, will still last many, many years. To preserve the wonderful cedar colour and grain we recommend the use of insecticide-free clear cuprinol. It is also possible to use Linseed Oil.
Cedar, however, does not require preservatives (although it will "grey" without). It has its own "camphor" type preserving oils which protect it from the weather and discourage insects. The ideal timber, therefore, for the British climate: light, aesthetic, aromatic and tough.
N.B. We do not recommend the painting of any single walled hive. This seals the timber on the outside and can cause mould and condensation problems on the inside.