Polystyrene Hives and Hive Parts

Polystyrene hives offer superior insulation benefits for the bees, helping them keep warm in the colder months and cooler in the hotter months.  This tends to show better overwintering rates and more honey production during the Summer.
Spare Entrance Disc
Apidea Mating hive
Apidea Spare Red bits
Apidea Super
Brood box for Poly Nuc
Eversafe Hive Wash 500ml
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Hive Strap - Economy
Oversized Queen excluder for Poly hive - Plastic
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Poly National Brood Box
Poly National Feeder
Poly National Roof
Poly National Super
Poly Nuc Hive
Poly Nuc Queen Excluder - Wire Version
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Soda Crystals 1kg
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Super for Poly Nuc Hive
UHU Polystyrene Glue