Complete Polystyrene Langstroth Hive (NO FRAMES)


Price: £148.80


Polystyrene is a fantastic material to make bee hives out of. In the UK, we are only just discovering this, but in other parts of europe, Poly Hives have taken over by storm.
These polystyrene hives are made from a high density material, 100g/litre, 3 times stronger than normal polystyrene that is used for packaging. Its properties mean that its lightweight, yet extremely durable and it helps mantain an even temperature inside the hive regardless of the outside temperature.
This complete hive comes complete with:
1 x open mesh floor
1 x brood box
1 x queen excluder
2 x supers
1 x cover
1 x roof
All Assembled, ready to go.    Please note: The Supers are mediums rather than shallows and will take medium frames. you need to use dadant shallow frames rather than langstroth shallow.
(Note, image shows hive with feeder and 2 brood boxes)

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