Keep an eye here - we have regular 'flash' sales as well as other larger sales during the year. We have a Poly hive sale during October.

Our major Winter Sale commences December 26th and has wooden hive parts, poly hive parts, tools and equipment. Remember - our sale will continue to run until we are out of stock, however, all these items are limited and we expect to run out quickly - so get those orders in!!!

Poly National 14x12 Jumbo Brood Box
£35.00 £29.75
Poly Nuc Hive
£39.80 £33.83
Poly Nuc Hive WITH 14x12 Jumbo Eke
£48.00 £40.80
Super for Poly Nuc Hive
£17.20 £14.62
Brood box for Poly Nuc
£22.50 £19.13
Poly Eke for Poly Nuc Hive
£12.00 £10.20
Top Style Feeder for Poly Nuc
£18.20 £15.47
Travelling Screen for Poly Nuc Hive
£11.20 £9.52
Poly Langstroth Nuc with Side Feeder
£49.50 £42.07
Extension Box for Langs Poly Nuc
£33.00 £28.06
Poly Crownboard with porter escapes
£18.00 £15.30
Poly National Brood Box
£26.40 £22.44
Poly National Open Mesh Floor
£29.90 £25.42
Poly National Roof
£26.40 £22.44
Poly National Super
£21.10 £17.93
Poly National Feeder
£30.35 £25.80