Keep an eye here - we have regular 'flash' sales as well as other largers sales during the year. We have a Polyhive sale during October.

Our larger Winter Sale Starts Dec 26th and has Wooden Hive parts, poly hive parts, tools and equipment. Remember - Our sale will continue to run until we are out of stock, however, all these items are limited stock and we are expect to run out quickly - So get those orders in!!!

Basic Poly National Hive with frames
Brood box for Poly Nuc
Complete Poly National Hive With Frames
Poly Crownboard with porter escapes
Poly National 14x12 Jumbo Brood Box
Poly National Brood Box
Poly National Feeder
Poly National Open Mesh Floor
Poly National Roof
Poly National Super
Poly Nuc Hive
Poly Nuc Hive WITH 14x12 Jumbo Eke
Super for Poly Nuc Hive
Top Style Feeder for Poly Nuc
Travelling Screen for Poly Nuc Hive
Poly Eke for Poly Nuc Hive