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A new feed for honey bees from honey bee health specialist Vita (Europe) Ltd will help boost colony health and increase honey production. VitaFeed Nutri is a rigorously tested, GMO-free nutritional supplement that can be used at almost any time of year to promote controlled colony growth. Packed with easily digestible proteins, VitaFeed Nutri can make up for nutritional deficiencies in honey bees’ diet, thereby stimulating egg-laying, extending bees’ lifespans and ultimately increasing honey production. Dr Max Watkins, technical director of Vita (Europe), explained “Honey bees need protein, but not all pollen has the same protein content. VitaFeed Nutri ensures that bees have sufficient protein to enable healthier colony development and thereby increased honey production. The year-round suitability and simplicity of applying the feed in syrup make it an ideal product for any beekeeper wanting to keep healthier and more productive bees.” Rigorous trials in different countries have shown the remarkable effects of using the VitaFeed Nutri supplement. Studies show that bees increase their pollen consumption by 50% when the percentage of protein in pollen drops from 30% to 20%. When protein content drops, bees turn to their own body reserves. This in turn reduces their lifespan, their brood-rearing capability and therefore the development of the colony. VitaFeed Nutri compensates for protein deficiencies. Paulo Mielgo, Vita’s technical manager, helped develop the project when he worked for Vita’s Argentinian partner Apilab. He said, “I have worked in many countries across the world and witnessed the environmental stresses that honey bees endure. We identified poor protein diet as a major inhibitor of colony growth and developed VitaFeed Nutri. In scientific trials in several countries, we have recorded average increases in honey production of more than 2 kg per colony and sometimes as high as 11 kg.” 500g pack - enough for 16 colonies.

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