Dana Api Melter


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Of what does the Dana api melter consist?

Stainless steel construction with a double walled, insulated vat. 
Dana api melter has two separately controlled heating elements: One on the bottom and one at the top under the lid. 
Dana api melter has a powerful fan built into the lid, which ensures an even and quick distribution of heat in the vat and a smooth extraction of honey from your cappings wax. 

How is the melter used?

1. Frames or cappings wax are put onto the perforated bottom (up to 120 kg cappings wax). 

2. The bottom heater is set at 40º C and the top heater at 80º C. 

3. The honey and wax melt simultaneously, but because of its higher density, the honey will sink to the bottom and run out faster, while the wax stays on top, ready to be processed.

4. All you have to do is simply drain the pure undamaged honey first and then the lighter yellow liquid wax. 

Practical information

Cappings wax contains up to 70% honey even after spinning! 

With the Dana api Melter, however, your honey yield is close to 100% which is why the machine will pay for itself in a matter of months. 

Dana api melter is a multi functional machine which also can be used to keep the honey warm or liquefy crystalized honey.

Inside dimensions of vat:99x49x34 cm 
Weight:59 kg

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