Uncapping Kit


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You have your hives, the bees have been working hard during the warm, British summer months, the supers are filling up with honey. Now comes the really exciting bit - reaping the rewards and collecting all the honey... This kit give you the essential tools to enable you to uncap and strain your honey, making the process as mess-free and convenient as possible. The kit contains the economy uncapping tray which holds the frame while you do the uncapping with either the uncapping knife or uncapping fork, both of which are also included with the kit. The frames can then be placed in your extractor (not included). The honey that is collected can then be passed through the double stainless steel strainer, to remove any large bits of wax into the large 40kg honey tank, ready for bottling in your desired containers. Kit Includes: eco Uncapping tray Uncapping Fork Uncapping Knife 40kg Honey Tank With Valve Double Stainless Steel Strainer

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