Empty WBC Hive


Price: £390.00


The Classic Hive - Empty (no frames or wax foundation).
Made from top-quality Canadian western red cedar. 
This is the hive that evokes memories of childhood as to what a beehive should look like, especially when painted white. The double wall offers greater protection against the weather but it can have its drawbacks. Ensure when siting any hive, but especially the WBC that you select a southerly aspect to gain the full benefits of the sun for as long as possible. Remember if the WBC is warmer in winter it can also be cooler in summer, thus bees can be late venturing out on a warm day and with such fickle weather we need to take as much advantage of the sun as possible.
The complete hive comprises:
1 x floor with legs
3 x lifts (one with porch)
1 x Metal covered roof with two cone escapes
1 x entrance slides
1 x brood body
1 x slotted steel queen excluder
2 x Two supers
1 x crownboard with platic porter bee escapes.
The ever popular 14" x 12" brood body is also produced for the WBC hive. Please note, however, that an extra lift will be required if a 14" x 12" brood body is utilised.
We can supply it assembled and ready to use or flat-packed for you to assemble yourself.  If you need any help making your hive, visit www.makemyhive.co.uk

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