Wooden Bee Hives & Hive Parts

Complete Hives & Hive Parts. The 2 most common type of hives in Britain are the WBC and the NATIONAL.
The WBC is the more traditional looking hive, often seen in old pictures and books. The NATIONAL hive is, perhaps, more convenient and more practical to use. Both types of hive are made from Cedar Wood which, having its own 'camphor' type preserving oils protecting it from the weather and discouraging unwanted insects, makes it the ideal wood for a hive.
Top Bar Queen Excluder
Warre Hive - Complete
Warre Hive - Roof only
Warre Hive Top feeder
WBC 14x12 Brood Box
WBC Brood box
WBC Cone Escape
WBC Crownboard
WBC Entrance Slide
WBC Floor
WBC Glass Quilt
WBC Lift
WBC Lift with porch
WBC Porch
WBC Roof
WBC Super Box
WBC Varroa Floor
Wood Glue